Do you like fights? Pretty sure you do as every sport is kinda fight. Wether you prefer football, tennis, ice skating, motorsports or boxing, it's always a moment of suspense and pleasure. Hoe will win? You favourite athlete or team? The opponent? And sometimes you'll watch a game or fight without a winner but it's nevertheless a great fight.

Bla bla bla - you think? You're on a beer website, aren't you? Right, and may we present to you the ultimate fight of the Belgian star "Dubbel" against the French champion "Bordeaux"? This is gonna be the battle of the year - malty sweetness encounters rich fruity tartness. The location of the fight is pure french oak. This is a fight without loser or winner, this is the start of a new friendship!

And if ever you still think this is bla bla, get one and try it out!

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