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We love to brew beer! But we can quite easily get bored by brewing the same beer for years and years... so we simply don't! We brew batch by batch and each one will be unique

and limited to a single batch only..... gone is gone.... you'll never get the same twice!

Sounds like a threat but it's our promise! And if ever you fear that you'd miss one of our Batches - no worries, become a Batch'Lor and never ever miss one of our Batches again!

Wanna know what you already might have missed? Click on the Batches below ;-)

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What should you expect when two brewing fanatics join forces and start creating beer?

Yeah, you got it -

absolutely crazy, unpretentious and intriguing brews!

We do not just brew beer - we try to liquefy our strangest fantasies. Always with the aim of creating unrevealed yet tasteful and enjoyable beers.

Every batch we make is unique.

Unique due to the creative and border crossing ideas.

Unique by a beautiful bottle rarely seen in the Netherlands.

Unique by a different way of labeling.

Unique..... because we only make Single Batches....

Do not miss to get yours!

no rules * no traditions * no compromises.





Tel. +31 (0) 73 690 77 62

Mail: info@batchesbrewery.nl

Nederhof 3A
NL-5258 CB Berlicum





As we're not every day at the brewery, please call us and we'll set a meeting :-)

Best days are btw tue-wed-thu



Batches Brewery not only brews exceptional beers but also very rare ones that you can't just buy everywhere.

Our beers are products of our passion for beer, brewing technology, tastes and aromas. Beers that we only give to selected shops of which we know that the owner shares the same passion! We make beers that will leave you with the wish to get more. But... every beer is brewed just once and then never again! Gone is gone! So...

...if you can find yourself in our vision of exceptional beer and would like to never ever miss a Batch in the future, then we would be very honoured if you'd become a BATCH'LOR and be part of our family!

For the yearly fee of 100€, paid at the start of a year or the start of your membership, you'll be the first to get all information about our new Batches and at the end of each year a box with 16 bottles, including all Batches of the year (even if sold out - we'll keep them for you!) So you'll not miss a single Batch anymore!

In addition, we'll treat you as all our family members with invitations to family events, birthday presents and more...  

And we'll assure that our family will stay intimate as we limit it to just 100 BATCH'LORs.

So, if this is what you want, please fill in the application form and we'll let you know if there is a place free for you!

Grtz, Paul & Uwe

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