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Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year!


And the most wonderful time of the year earns the most wonderful beer of the year!

But what does 'wonderful' mean? Full of wonders - agree? So we put into an already wonderful Dubbel a wonderful red wine and all the wonderful x-mas spices you can think of.  Topped with our warmest x-mas feelings and a wonderful red glow.

All of this to make you feel wonderful!

Wonderful when visiting a christmas market and not having to drink a Glühwine.

Wonderful when sitting in front of the christmas tree with the family.

Wonderful when opening the 15th nicely wrapped christmas-pullover.

Wonderful when desperately waiting (again...) for a white christmas.

Wonderful when looking down on all those poor people having to drink a HeiGroJupHertAmsBav offered at the neighbours reception.

We wish you a wonderful, incandescent christmas! Cheers!

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