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Once a year we celebrate - together with our Batch'lors in our hometown 's-Hertogenbosch - the Batches End-A-Year-Party. It's our way to say thanks for their support but also to all other beer lovers that show up, meet us, chat with us and cheer with us.

And as you would, could and should expect, we cheer with a very special beer, brewed just for this occasion. Our End-A-Year-Beer for 2018 was the Champagnale. A so called bruut ale, incredibly dry and reminding more of a Champagne than of a beer. And as champagnes are the most drunk cheer-drink in the world, and as we (at least 50% of us) hate champagne, it was clear that we had to brew our own let's-cheer-drink.

Batches are generally hard to find, but in case of those special brews it's even harder, due to the fact that it is a tap-only beer that is served only once: at our party, traditionally held at Thornbridge 's-Hertogenbosch.

Curious about the next End-A-Year-Batch? Two ways to make sure that you wont miss it: become a Batch'lor and be present at the next End-A-Year-Party.

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