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And a barrel full of rum!  This might sound familiar to fans of pirate movies. Rum has always been the fuel for sailors, pirates and buccaneers. And there's reason why. Rum could be transported for months on sail-ships around the world without getting worse. The only threat was that there might not have been loaded enough of it aboard!

Beer did not play a role by then. Too fragile! In no time it was gone, couldn't stand the heat of the caribbean and soon was doomed to be poured. That were sad times for beer lovers on pirate vessels...

Unfortunately (for them), we're born far too late. Otherwise we truly believe that we'd solved their problem and saved their souls! Brew a beer that in itself is already a stander, but then blend it with a fine Caribbean rum. The result would have made more than one pirate happy! 

Hooray and up she rises!

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