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We better do not ask wether you know the film of the same name or not. Why? As we already know your answer - No! Otherwise you'd have to admit that at least once you'd watched a porn film...


But no matter if you deny or not, Deep Throat has made it to be a cult movie (which is quite strange as nobody's ever watched it ;-))


And what about this beer then? Why did we choose to call it after a porn movie?  Because we (both male) think that an aching throat could be the result of...

... a shitload of really hot chili peppers that we've thrown in this batch. And as alcohol will heal infected wounds (throats...), we decided to add the chilies to a full power Quad, enhanced with pure Vodka and rounded up with forrest honey.

So this is the ultimate DIY health-kit. First we'll hurt you and then we'll take care of your healing. And if you think we're just talking bullshit, relax, take a seat and a large sip of #007! 

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