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There are companies that would be happy to scrap the holidays of their employees. More hours to work - less money to waste! But honestly, you couldn't do anything worse than that!

Not only would you drastically reduce efficiency and motivation, you could easily miss out incredible opportunities...


Just have a look at this fantastic and very different brew. Batch #0006 would never have been born if the owners of the company wouldn't have allowed Paul to go on holidays on the island of Zanzibar. Well, he has the advantage of being his own employer, but that's just a side note...   What is more important: While laying on the white sandy beaches during the days and enjoying the great food of the Tanzanian cuisine, he did not stop thinking about beer. And about brewing a beer that combines perfectly with this food. Or, even better, a beer brewed with some of the main ingredients of the local cuisine. 

No wonder that he came back, packed with a multitude of spices he found on the local markets. And no wonder that they found their way into this distinctive brew.

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