What would we be without friends? They are there when you need them and know when to step back and leave you alone. They make you aware of errors you might do and they will show you new opportunities. 

That's what happened when we got a call from a friend telling us that we could get 25 kilos of freshly harvested Mandarina Bavaria hop from Germany. Harvested not longer than 3 days ago! Fresher and you'll die.

The power of wet hopping is that you just wash out the aroma and taste components of the hop without making the beer overly bitter. The most obvious conclusion would have been to brew an fantastic IPA.

But the most obvious things are not ours. We decided to brew a traditional Bavarian Dunkles. A malty dark still light-bodied and easy drinkable beer. And as we in the Netherlands are not bound to any traditions, we let flow this traditional brew over our kilos and kilos of wet Mandarina Bavaria.

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