Fractal Freezing! Sounds like some high-tech new-age production method. Well, it's less high-tech and more new-age, but what is more, it's the way we made the Ice Ice Baby. 

Fractal Freezing is the scientific term of dividing different liquids by freezing and separating them. Nothing more and nothing less than the classic method of producing Ice Bocks.

When we decided to make an ultra strong iced Barley Wine, the intention was to make a beer that is as strong as possible while staying a pleasant drink. Undrinkable beers just for the sake of being different or different are not our thing. We want to enjoy our beers ourselves!

So we first brewed a beer that would win by being frozen and concentrated (and not the other way round). A beer that would warm you, surprise you and leave you with the feeling of having drunk something uncompromisingly special.

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